NEO-9 Neonate Rodent Tattooing System

NEO-9 Neonate Rodent Tattooing System

Neonate tattooing made Simple, Quick & EASY!

The AIMS™ NEO-9 Neonate Tattooing System was developed just for tattooing P0 - P15 neonate rodents of any color/strain. This comprehensive tattoo ID kit comes complete with everything you need to tattoo ~2000 neonates.

The detailed training guide provides step-by-step guidance with detailed illustrations of ID schemes with small and large number ranges.

Neonate tattoo identification is a practical and humane alternative to toe clipping. Toe tattoos allow you to use your existing numbering system for toe clipping without removing the toe.

NEO-9 Instruction Manual by Eric H. Weyand, Ph.D The comprehensive manual "Lab Animal Tattoo Identification Vol. 1. Neonate Mice & Rats" (with DVD Instruction), written by Eric H. Weyand, Ph.D., shows you exactly how to maximize your investment. AIMS™ tattoo equipment is heavy duty and built exclusively for the laboratory environment.

AIMS™ equipment will last as long as you're working with animals. Each system comes with a 1 year comprehensive warranty and you will not have to re-invest in additional equipment.

Neonate Tattoo Sites

  • Tattoo P0 - P15 mice/rats
  • Tattoo any color neonate
  • No anesthesia needed
  • Tattoo markings permanent
  • Reduce animal stress (quick & safe)
  • Low cost (~2 cents/neonate)
  • Detailed instructions (w/ DVD)
  • Multiple ID schemes available
  • Unique numbers up to 10,000
  • Use toe clipping number scheme
  • Custom micro tattooing platform
  • Unlimited technical support from AIMS™
  • On-site training available

Neonate Tattoo Samples

P6 Neonate Rodent Tattoo 6mos Neonate Rodent Tattoo P6 Neonate Rodent Tattoo 6mos Neonate Rodent Tattoo
No Clipping

Eliminates toe-clipping. Animal stress is minimal and the physiology of animals is not altered.

Tattoo up to 10K Tail # Tattooing

Video: Tattooing Neonate Mouse

Tattoo a Neonate Mouse

Video: Tattooing Neonate Rat

Safe and harmless methods to track your colonies.
NEO-9 Features
  • Micro controller w/ HDUI power supply
  • Foot pedal on/off
  • Preset speeds
  • Ultra light machine
  • Non-skid machine platform with pigment holder and needle scanning area
  • Micro tattooing station
    • Light
    • Skin prep holder
    • 4x magnification
  • AIMS™ certified safe tattoo pigment
  • AIMS™ skin prep (reduce fading)
  • Standard/fine tip tattoo needles
  • Finger guards
  • Needle scanning scope
  • Carrying case
  • Ideal for managing transgenic animals and geotyping

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