Rabbits and Guinea Pigs

Rabbit ear tattoo

The AIMS™ Tattoo Identification System is the most humane and permanent method for identifying rabbits with tattoo markings. The AIMS™ system allows the proper placement of tattoo markings within the ear to avoid trauma to important ear veins, arteries and nerves. There is no bleeding nor is there any extraordinary stress placed on animals when tattooing with the AIMS™ system.

In addition, any combination of numbers and letters can be used. Animals can be tattooed at any age, however, four week old rabbits are typically tattooed once for permanent identification. Animal suppliers and research laboratories are finding that the AIMS™ system adds to the quality of their rabbits. AIMS™ tattooing is simply a good rabbit-friendly alternative to clamp tattooing.

AIMS™ Tattoo System Facts: Clamp Tattooing Facts:

1. Not as fast as clamp.

2. Moderate Setup cost.

3. Pennies per animal identified.

1. Fast.

2. Low setup cost.

3. Pennies per animal identified.

ADVANTAGES: Benefits to Rabbits DISADVANTAGES: Cost to Rabbit

1. Minimal trauma to rabbits.

2. Rabbits are not stressed.

3. Rabbits are not hyperactive and are easier to handle.

4. Avoids bleeding and no nerve damage.

5. Ear veins remain intact and available for ear bleeding.

6. Rabbits are not hyperactive.

7. Tattoos can be read instantly.

8. Tattoos are easier to read.

9. Tattoos are permanent with no fading.

1. Causes very severe trauma to rabbits.

2. Rabbits are highly stressed.

3. Causes bleeding (hard to miss arteries & veins).

4. Destroys ear veins, less available for bleeding.

5. Ear tends to droop after clamping (ear damage).

6. Rabbits are hyperactive for 3-6 months.

7. Hyperactive rabbits are difficult to handle.

8. Tattoo can not be read instantly (ear tends to be black for ~ 1 week)

9. Tattoo tends to fade with time.



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