Rats and Mice

More Labs are Choosing the AIMS™ Tattoo System

AIMS™ tattoo pigments and supplies are SAFE and NON-TOXIC to laboratory animals. Extensive in vitro toxicity testing and several in vivo lifetime rodent studies have been performed.

Select the ATS-3 General Rodent Tattoo System for marking rats and mice; see the NEO-9 Neonate Rodent Tattooing System for marking neonate lab animals.

  • Tattoos are permanent for the life of the animal.
  • Tattoos are easier and faster to read than other methods of identification.
  • Animals can be tattooed very rapidly, up to 200 mice per hour.
  • Tattoos can be used to identify day old mice or rats.
  • Animal stress is minimal and the physiology status of animals is not altered.
  • No need for anesthesia for rats or mice.
  • The incidence of animal bites is reduced.
  • Tattoos are routinely used to identify nude, athymic and transgenic animals.
  • Tails can be saved in formalin with tissues as a positive source of identification.
  • Tattooed tails do not fall off like ear tags.

Training on the use of equipment and the proper method for dark and long lasting tattoos can be provided with the purchase of a tattoo system..

AIMS™ equipment comes with a 1 year warranty and is promptly serviced.

More cost-effective than other methods of identification.
Can your lab use $89,500 or more per year in extra cash or profits?

The cost of disposable items used in tattooing is on average, 5-6 cents per animal.

ID Method No. of Mice Cost per Mouse Total
Tattoo 10,000 5¢ / tattoo $500
Transponder 10,000 $9 / transponder $90,000


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