Service Plans

Extended Equipment Warranty Plans

The Gold and Silver extended warranty plan is available to all AIMS™ customers with functional AIMS™ animal tattoo systems. If your AIMS™ tattoo identification system breaks under normal use AIMS™ Inc. will repair or replace the HD Micro Power Supply and tattoo gun at no charge within the period of the extended warranty from the purchase date of this plan. At the beginning of each year of this warranty period each working AIMS™ HD micro power supply will be inspected, cleaned, and refurbished as appropriate. This will include:

  • Verification of proper power supply voltage and resistance
  • Replacement of any damaged external or internal wiring
  • Replacement of spring in foot switch (as necessary)

Each AIMS™ Tattoo Gun will be enrolled in the AIMS™ Tattoo Gun Preventive Maintenance Repair Program™. At the beginning of each year of this warranty each tattoo gun will be inspected and refurbished, as necessary with the following parts: silver contact screw, front silver contact spring, point gapping, O-ring, coil cleaning, gasket replacement, front and back springs, armature bar, foam cushion. Needle tubes and accessories are included in this plan.

In the case of equipment damage due to negligence and/or improper equipment use, charges for repairs will be made for parts and labor. This Service and Repair Warranty is null and void if your AIMS™ equipment is used with other third party equipment or unauthorized repairs or equipment alterations are performed by persons other than AIMS™ Inc.

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  • Go for the Silver - 1 year warranty extension
  • Go for the Gold - 2 year warranty extension
  • Full protection for your machine and accessories
  • Annual PMR™ service program included


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