Stereotaxic Multi-Device Flex Arm

Attach multiple devices to Stereotaxic Platform with Magnetic Base/Puck System. 9" Flex Arm holds your choice of 8 different devices.

Unique magnetic base/puck system allows the Stereotaxic Multi-Device Flex Arm to attach to non-metallic surfaces.

Unique Magnetic Base/Puck System

8 Flex Arm Device Kit
8 Peice Attachment Kit

Large, Small, Micro Alligator Clip
Alligator Clips

Dino-Lite Digital Microscope Holder
Dino Holder

Universal Digital Camera Holder
Camera Holder

Mini Grabber

Card Holder
Card Holder

Unversal Velcro Mount
Velcro Mount

Cat# Description Price
SMFA Stereotaxic Multi-Device Flex Arm Kit
Includes: 9” Flex Arm w/ magnetic base/puck, 8-devices w/pouch
SFAB Stereotaxic Multi-Device Flex Arm
Includes: 9” Flex Arm w/ magnetic base/puck, no devices


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