Surgery Equipment

Dissection Platform

USE: Can be used for dissections, surgery, micro manipulations, general micro-utility platform (i.e. organ inspections, dissections, etc.).

Two Flexible LED lights - provides direct illumination with no shadows and no heat. Flex arm, non-obstructive rimless magnifying glass (main lens: 2.3X, inset lens: 4.0X).  (Allows continuous eye contact with object when moving into magnification area), Limb restraints and Non-skid feet for added stability.

Warming/Induction Chamber

"Wessels Warming/Induction Chamber" provides continuous heat to animals being anaesthetized before surgery or recovering from surgery.

Filter Top allows animal to fully recover in chamber while unattended.  Includes membrane for sealing filter top and outlet port to exhaust gas when used as an induction chamber.

Quick Warm Up Time - Precision Temp Control - Easy Cleaning

AIMS™ CO2 Flowmeter

CO² Flowmeter


Calibrated to accurately deliver CO2 to ANY Chamber.

Small profile with an easy to set Flow-Rate and 3-way ball valve for quick chamber fill when needed.

Barb fitting for connecting to 5/16" or 1/4" ID hose. Wall-mount option.


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