Thank you for your interest in AIMS™ animal tattoo identification products.

AIMS™ has been working with lab animal users and scientists on their lab animal identification needs since 1979. Our extensive experience in animal tattoo identification allows our customers to easily and quickly apply tattoo identification when managing animal colonies and conducting sophisticated research experiments …

Tattooing Systems

NEO-9 Neonate Rodent Tattooing System

The AIMS™ NEO-9 Neonate Tattooing System was developed just for tattooing P0 - P15 neonate rodents of any color/strain. This comprehensive tattoo ID kit comes complete with...

ATS-3 General Rodent Tattoo System

The AIMS™ ATS-3 General Rodent Tattoo System has supplies and accessories for tattooing ~3000 mice/rats. The...

ATS-3L Large Animal Tattoo System

The AIMS™ ATS-3L Large Lab Animal Tattoo System is a compact tattoo kit specifically developed for the tattoo identification of large laboratory animals (hamsters, guinea...

Lab Tech Tattooing Mouse

Equipment: AIMS™ equipment comes with a 3 year warranty and is made to work in a lab environment. Equipment is designed to be easily set-up, adjusted properly, and cleaned...

Featured Products

Warming/Induction Chamber

"Wessels Warming/Induction Chamber" provides continuous heat to animals being anaesthetized before surgery or recovering from surgery.

Specialized Surgery Equipment

USE: Can be used for surgery, micro manipulations, general micro-utility platform (i.e. organ inspections, dissections, etc).

Easily maintain animal body temperature during surgery

    • Made from easy to sterilize acrylic
    • Three sizes of delivery tube hold downs included


    Service Plans

    The Gold and Silver extended warranty plan is available to all AIMS™ customers with functional AIMS™ animal tattoo systems. If your AIMS™ tattoo identification system breaks under normal use AIMS™ Inc. will repair or replace the HD Micro Power Supply and tattoo gun at no charge within the period of the extended warranty from the purchase date of this plan

    • Verification of proper power supply voltage and resistance
    • Replacement of any damaged external or internal wiring
    • Replacement of spring in foot switch (as necessary)

    Each AIMS™ Tattoo Gun will be enrolled in the AIMS™ Tattoo Gun Preventive Maintenance Repair Program™. At the beginning of each year …

    Specialized Lab Accessories

    Attach to any Surface

      This dissection tray uses a completely environmentally safe wax product instead of the “black wax” like product used in most other dissection trays …


      Unique magnetic base/puck system allows the lab light to attach to non-metallic surfaces.



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