AIMS Equipment Service

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AIMS lab animal tattoo systems are sold with our standard or ultra-light tattoo machine. Each machine (hand-held unit) is manufactured, calibrated, and certified to optimal operating standards for animal tattooing. The tattooing process places the front/back springs and capacitor under extreme stress. Over time, the performance of these components can change, decreasing the effectiveness (power produced) of these machines for animal tattooing.

A malfunctioning tattoo machine will lead to technician frustration when tattooing along with poor performing tattoos. This is observed by light tattoos, tattoo that fade, slower tattooing speeds, along with longer tattooing times (increased personnel working times). Well maintained tattoo machines are easier for technicians to use and are critical for producing dark permanent identification tattoos. AIMS recommends that each tattoo machine be serviced annually.

Label for service dates for AIMS lab animal tattoo systems
Next Service Due Label

AIMS service program includes the following:

  • Evaluation and replacement (as necessary) of
    • front & back springs
    • capacitor & contact screw.
  • Clean/inspect all soldered connections (repair as needed)
  • Recalibrate front/back springs
  • Run performance test
  • Clean & inspect needle tube

How to obtain service:

Carefully pack your tattoo machine and include contact information for the user and list any issues you are having. You’re welcome to include a method of payment (PO# / CC info) or tell us who to contact when service is complete. Ship to the following address:

AIMS Service Dept
99 Park Drive
Hornell NY 14843 USA

NOTE: If you suspect that the power supply and control box are not performing, these may also be sent in for an evaluation. A repair estimate will be provided should a problem be identified. Do not return the entire tattoo kit. Only return the top tray that includes the power supply and control box.