AIMS Training Overview

Dr. Yacowitz supervising
a training session

The humane and permanent tattoo identification of research animals requires the proper use of equipment and good tattooing skills. Detailed equipment and tattooing instruction books are included in each kit and provide customers with Step-by-Step guidance on developing good tattooing habits, skills, and techniques.

Another option for learning good tattooing skills, is to schedule an on-site tattoo certification program. This program is held at a customer’s facility using their AIMS tattoo equipment. The “hands-on” approach to learning animal tattooing establishes a core of animal tattooist that can further train additional personnel within the animal facility or research laboratory.

Certification program can be scheduled at the time of equipment purchase or anytime thereafter. A minimum of six participants is required and your AIMS tattoo equipment must be in good working condition.

AIMS On-Site Animal Tattoo Certification Program

AIMS On-Site Tattoo Certification Programs are available at the time of equipment purchase or any time thereafter. AIMS has been training lab animal tattooists at universities, government facilities, contract research labs, pharmaceutical companies, and private companies for over 30 years. Our experienced Ph.D. trained instructors will teach your group every detail that is important in lab animal tattooing. This program will educate your group on the fundamentals of lab animal tattooing and the importance of quality equipment and good tattooing techniques. This certification program results in the best performing ID tattoos and the most humane animal tattooing techniques available in the industry.

Who needs tattoo training?

Is your tattooing a blood free process?
Can you easily read your tattoos after two years?
Are your tattoos dark and easy to read from a distance?
Do you know if your tattoo needle is in good working condition?
Do you know and understand the importance of AIMS tissue oil?

Lab Technician tattooing mouse

It may be time to schedule an Official Tattoo Certification Program!



  • Tattoos that are dark and easy to read
  • Tattoos that last a life time
  • Increased tattooing speed and efficiency
  • Decrease the amount of re-tattooing
  • Happier animals
  • Documents on-site training
  • Technicians are equipped with the latest tattooing techniques
  • Well trained staff
  • On-site training saves time and money
Trainee tattooing a C57 mouse tail


AIMS Animal Tattoo Certification Program includes the following:

  • Experienced PhD trained instructors
  • Review of tattoo fundamentals
  • Detailed hands-on supervision & instruction
  • Instruction on equipment handling and adjustment
  • Review of humane animal handling and restraint for tattooing
  • Properly tattoo animals without pain or undue stress
  • Produce dark readable tattoo markings that are permanent!
  • Learn and remember critical parameters for producing dark permanent tattoos
  • Provides for immediate implementation of tattoo identification in your experiments
  • Documents on-site training for AALAC, FDA, EPA, NTP, NIH, etc
  • Custom training programs available
  • Review of basic principles of a tattoo, tattooing techniques, and tattoo equipment nomenclature.
  • Review of procedures used to inspect, adjust, and properly maintaining tattoo equipment.
  • Extensive hands-on tattoo training on marking your research animals. Individual personal instruction and guidance is given to each participant throughout the training program.
  • Written exam with certificate of competence for each successful trainee.


Participants are evaluated on their ability to:

  • properly handle and adjust all tattoo equipment.
  • humanely handle and restrain animals.
  • properly tattoo animals without pain or undue stress.
  • produce dark readable tattoo markings on animals.
  • remember critical parameters for producing dark permanent tattoos (written exam).
Each participant that successfully completes the training program receives a certificate of competence in animal tattoo identification. In addition, the facility where the participants are employed is also certified as an AIMS trained facility. Tattoo certification information is maintained in a confidential AIMS data base. This information is provided to customers free of charge when training documentation is required for GLP or regulatory agencies.


Tattoo Certification Program Requirements:

  • You must be an existing AIMS customer in good standing.
  • Your AIMS Tattoo Equipment must be functional and with adequate supplies. Your equipment will be thoroughly inspected during the training program and recommendations concerning service will be provided.
  • There is a six person minimum class size (larger class sizes can be accommodated)

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