About AIMS™

Company Overview

AIMS™ (Animal Identification and Marking Systems, Inc.) was founded in 1979 by Dr. Harold Yacowitz and Ann Yacowitz. Dr. Yacowitz determined that a better method was needed for the identification of research animals. Thus, in the late 1970's Dr. Yacowitz developed the AIMS™ method of animal tattoo identification. Today, AIMS™ methods and procedures for animal tattoo identification continues to provide researchers with an easy, cost-effective method for permanent identification of laboratory animals. The AIMS™ system can be used to identify animals as small as day-old mice and as large as full-grown horses. AIMS™ is the only company that offers custom tattoo equipment and hands-on training to research facilities.

Customer Base

The World Identifies with AIMS™… Customers that work with laboratory animals require methods for the identification of research animals. Facilities that use the AIMS™ tattoo identification process include: Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies, National Institutes of Health, Military Research Facilities, Veterans Administration Hospitals, Children Hospitals, USDA, FDA, CDC, University Laboratories, University Animal Facilities, Contract Laboratories, Toxicology Facilities. These facilities are located in various parts of the world including the United States, Canada, Japan, England, France, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Belgium, Israel, India, Korea, Australia, New Zealand, Hungary, Italy, Mexico, Mauritius, Malaysia and Spain.

Animal Identification and Marking Systems, Inc. (AIMS™) develops and manufactures custom tattoo equipment and supplies specifically for the tattoo identification of research animals.  The following are equipment and service features available exclusively from AIMS™.

  • AIMS™ develops and manufactures pigments and supplies for the tattoo identification of research animals.  Extensive testing by AIMS™ has demonstrated that these pigments are non-carcinogenic and safe in research animals.
  • AIMS™ is the only company that provides hands-on tattoo training and certification programs at customer facilities.  Training sessions are held at the time of a system purchase and by arrangement as necessary there after.  Unique tattooing techniques developed by AIMS™ are presented during the training session.  This unique service also ensures that animal tattooing is properly performed and is done in a humane manner.
  • AIMS™ stands alone as the leading manufacturer of state of the art tattoo equipment for laboratory animals. Our equipment and disposable supplies are unrivaled in the industry.

AIMS™ - Identification Solutions for Scientists Worldwide