Equipment Care

 Improperly functioning tattoo machines waste time and money

  • Services & Repairs That Last
  • Official Certificate of Service
  • Up-grades to New Parts Included
  • One Year Warranty

AIMS™ Preventive Maintenance and Repair Program (PMR Program™) provides a complete and thorough overhaul of each tattoo machine. The PM Program™ uses genuine original-equipment parts manufactured specifically for each AIMS™ tattoo machine. After disassembly, all components are cleaned, reconditioned, and inspected for functional integrity. Parts that undergo …

The Gold and Silver extended warranty plan is available to all AIMS™ customers with functional AIMS™ animal tattoo systems. If your AIMS™ tattoo identification system breaks under normal use AIMS™ Inc. will repair or replace the HD Micro Power Supply and tattoo gun at no charge within the period of the extended warranty from the purchase date of this plan

  • Verification of proper power supply voltage and resistance
  • Replacement of any damaged external or internal wiring
  • Replacement of spring in foot switch (as necessary)

Each AIMS™ Tattoo Gun will be enrolled in the AIMS™ Tattoo Gun Preventive Maintenance Repair Program™. At the beginning of each year …

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