Neonate Rodent Tattoo Identification

Neonate Lab Mouse Paw Tattoo

"Toe clipping is no longer necessary"
Transgenic Animals - Typical Genotyping Protocol

Facility not large enough to hold your expanding transgenic colony?
AIMS™ Neonate Tattoo Identification can eliminate the need for extra animal rooms!

Typical Protocol

  • Tattoo pups on Day 3 - 9 using tail or paw pad tattooing
  • Take tissue samples for DNA isolation (ear or tail)
  • Perform genotype analysis on DNA from individually identified pups
  • Cull animals that do not carry your gene
  • Remaining transgenic pups grow faster and are healthier without the competition from non-transgenic pups

Tattooing neonates allows you to expand your transgenic colony with out having to:

  • Wean large numbers of surplus mice
  • House surplus mice
  • Feed surplus mice
  • Buy more caging
  • Use more animal rooms
  • Have higher perdium costs
  • Use more personnel time

Benefits of AIMS™ Tattooing

  • Tattoos are permanent
  • Pigments are safe and non-toxic
  • Tattooing will not injure pup
  • Tattooing is easy and quick (Tattoo a litter within 3 minutes!)
  • One system can tattoo neonate and adult mice
  • On-site training is provided
  • Used by transgenic facilities worldwide
  • Cost effective - average 5 cents per mouse
  • Practical alternative to toe clipping (non-invasive)

Neonate tattooing can be done without causing: pain, stress, or bleeding.
Tattoos are permanent and will not alter the physiology of your animals.
You can tattoo day 1 mice or rats!


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