AIMS™ Tattoo Platform Light

No More Tattooing in the DARK!

The tattoo platform light provides direct illumination on the mouse tail allowing for faster and easier tattooing. Easily fits onto the holding platform (#1900). Suitable for right or left handed tattooists.

Holding Platform, Mouse Restraint
Tattooing Platform Light shown w/Mouse Restraint

Holding Platform, Tissue oil holder
Tattooing Platform Light alt view

AIMS™ Cat# Description
TPL07 Tattoo Platform Light (LED, w/DC wall plug, use w/ item # 1900)
1900 AIMS™ Holding Platform w/ retaining screws and tissue oil holder
5010 Tissue Oil Cups, red (3 ml) 100/pk
1000 AIMS™ Humane Mouse Restrainer (3 holes)

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