The Science

Overview of AIMS™ Animal Tattoo Identification

AIMS™ animal tattoo identification was developed for safety and efficacy by private and university researchers with the assistance of the US National Institutes of Health. Tattoo identification is a humane and cost effective method for the permanent identification of research animals. This has been well documented over the years and AIMS™ continues to conduct extensive research on tattooing techniques, equipment, tattoo pigment chemistry, safety, and performance in an effort to provide customers with the most advanced technology for animal tattoo identification.

Why are more research labs choosing the AIMS™ tattoo identification system?
Because it's Simple, Cost-Effective, and it Works !

AIMS™ is a small company solely dedicated to developing new technology for the tattoo identification of animals.  Unlike many other companies that offer animal identification methods, our only business is animal tattooing.  Over the last twenty six years AIMS™ has developed a unique animal tattoo identification system that uses specially configured tattoo equipment with AIMS™ proprietary pigments and supplies.  The proper use of this system provides investigators with rapid and permanent animal identification.  The AIMS™ animal identification system produces tattoos that are dark, permanent, and easy to read for the life of the animal.  Some advantages of the AIMS™ identification equipment and procedures are …


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