ATS-3L Large Animal Tattoo System

ATS-3L Large Animal Tattoo System

The AIMS™ ATS-3L Large Lab Animal Tattoo System is a compact tattoo kit specifically developed for the tattoo identification of large laboratory animals (hamsters, guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits, NHP, Swine, [anything larger than a mouse/rat]).

ATS-3L features AIMS™ ultra light weight tattoo machine for quick, easy skin tattooing for both the tattooist and animal. Includes an HDUI compact micro-power supply and tattoo controller in a small profile kit.

  • AIMS™ ultra-light tattoo machine
  • Foot pedal on/off micro-controller
  • AIMS™ small/large bore calibrated needle tube
  • Select large animal tattoo needles
  • Small equipment profile (quick setup/pickup)
  • Reduced animal stress (quick tattooing)
  • Easy cleaning & sterilization between animals
  • Detailed operating and tattooing instructions
  • Unlimited technical support from AIMS
  • Power Space Saver Container- 16L x 9W x 9.25D in inches
  • Tattoo Machine Controller - 5L x 5W x 2D in inches (mounted in top tray 15.5L x 7.75W x 2D)
  • Power Supply - 3.25L x 1.75W x 1D in inches (mounted in top tray 15.5L x 7.75W x 2D)
    1. Universal Power Supply
    2. UI, CE, globally approved
    3. RoHS compliant
    4. Power cord supplied for individual country needs.
    5. Input 100 - 220V, 50 - 60 Hz

This kit gives you a variety of large needle tips allowing you to vary line size according to the type of large body animal you are tattooing. Easy to clean and sterilize between animals.

Rabbit Ear

Non-Human Primate Arm

The AIMS ATS3-L Large Animal Tattoo System includes the following items: 

  1. AIMS ultra light tattoo machine for large lab animals equipped with AIMS patented open face, one millimeter calibrated, ss autoclavable needle tube (standard and large bore).
  2. Machine soft carrying case.
  3. Micro controller with UIHD power supply equipped with foot pedal on/off & clip cord.
  4. AIMS Permanent black pigment (2oz.)
  5. AIMS Conc. Black Pigment (5 ml, 5 each).
  6. AIMS permanant red and green tattoo pigment (5ml, 1 each).
  7. AIMS code 300, code 303, code 305, code 307, code 314 ss quick change tattoo needles (sterile and individually packaged, 5 each).
  8. AIMS animal tissue prep 8oz. bottle (2 each).
  9. AIMS quick machine cleaning system (3 solutions).
  10. Needle scanning scope.
  11. Tattoo machine holding rack equipped with micro pigment holder.
  12. Tissue oil & pigment cup holders (100 each).
  13. Spray bottle for AIMS animal skin cleanser.
  14. AIMS cleanser concentrate (4 oz. bottle, makes 2qts.). Needle tube cleaning brushes.
  15. Needle tip cleaning brush.
  16. Rat tail cleaning brush.
  17. Tattoo machine spare parts kit with wrenches.
  18. Tattoo system carrying case (cases can be chemically or ethylene oxide sterilized).
  19. Operating instructions.

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